Skärbräda Suomi Finland

Vackert underlag som kan användas som skärbräda, pannunderlag eller som serveringsfat.

Text framsida: SUOMI FINLAND
Text baksida: SUOMI FINLAND The Land of a Thousand Lakes – Land of Green Gold. There are a total of 188 000 lakes in Finland. Clean lakes for swimming, for fishing, canoeing, rowing and sailing. Wintertime you can use the frosen lakes for skiing, skating, ice fishing,for walking on the ice. Around 65 per cent of Finland´s total area is covered in forrest: pine, spruce and birch trees. Forests are like water in Finland: ever-present, including in the major cities.

Material: MDF, tål värme upp till  130°C

Storlek: 20 x 30 cm

Skötsel: Endast handtvätt, torka av efteråt. Blötlägg ej.

Design: Ann Bäck, Österbotten.


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